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Monet Masters is an interior designer based in Atlanta, Georgia. A graduate of SCAD-Atlanta, Monet is experienced in both commercial, residential, and furniture design. While she describes her design aesthetic as “Modern Electric Chic” with an emphasis on organic lines and natural elements, she enjoys helping clients define their own personal style, so it’s well reflected throughout their home or business. Monet is especially adept at employing creative and unique solutions for design problems that inevitably arise on projects, while maintaining her passionate drive and enthusiasm throughout the design process, Inspired by the fluidity of nature and the sleekness of modernity, she believes in creating spaces that harness positive energy for her clients, to help them live a balanced, relaxed life. This blog in intended to show the design process of projects of all different sorts, and how her love for fashion and nature inspires her design choices. Enjoy!

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Learn More About the Designer!

"It should come as no surprise that a person who enjoyed cleaning and organizing their room as a child and even voluntarily organizing their cousins games and books would find their way to interior design as an adult. That’s exactly what Monet Masters realized her calling was after having her passion confirmed by episodes of Trading Spaces, and coming to the conclusion that she could make a career out of decorating and organizing as an Interior Designer. I sat down with Monet to get the inside scoop on how it 
all came together for her".....

There is more where that came. Click on the link below to read more of my interview with 
Lakeisha Massey Owner & Founder of "Fashion and Substance", a Blog dedicated to celebrating women’s brains and beauty! Is there any other topic that is possibly more interesting ;-) ?

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Friday, October 10, 2014

DIY: Painting Does Wonders

Ive heard time and time again while in school at SCAD that the biggest change you can make in a room for the littlest cost, is simply painting a wall. I for one absolutely agree with this. I've seen this dramatic transformation countless of times while completing my own projects. Below you will find yet another amazing transformation, brought to you by paint :-)


Welcome to the Johnson boys room. The wall color started out as a pinkish beige and made the room appear to be smaller than what it was. 


When working with smaller rooms, its a good idea to break up the space by adding an accent wall. In this room I am doing just that by adding a white wall contrasting the other 3 medium grey walls. Later you will see the design details that I chose to add to the white wall. 


A good painters tape can make your DIY painting projects 10x easier. I really love Frog Tape. It is available in different edge finishes and the quality is great to say the least. You can find these at any of your home improvement stores, such as Home Depot, Lowes and Ace Hardware

I chose to add more dimension to the room by painting the orange stripe connecting to the other 4 walls. By doing this I created unity with the accent wall but left parts of the white wall exposed so that the accent wall was concrete. 

So what do you think?

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Savannah Law Firm: Before + After = Fabulousness

I love the process of bringing a room to life by giving it character and purpose. Below are images that show the original state of the spaces. From casual pictures to the final install and some of the process images as well. This project taught me many things but here are 2 things that were confirmed...

 1. In this industry you never stop learning and growing in the area of creativity and being a good listener 
2. As my mentor will tell me, "you can never be fully prepared for a Interior Design install" ;-)

 The Lobby: Before
At first sight I knew this lobby had the potential to shine (bright like a diamond ;-). The chandelier was over 50 years old and original to the space. Due to the lack of natural light the lobby felt really narrow and dark. There was a pinkish brown color on the walls with framed art placed sporadically. There were also brown carpet that again helped to make the room appear very heavy and deserted. It was crowded with many different pieces of furniture and needed to be completely cleansed and simplified.

The Office: Before
The office, I just fell in love with. Its originally hard wood floors and interior shutters drew me in. The architecture of the space was grand. With every project my goal is to enhance the existing architectural elements if it is indeed impactful. The walls in this room had been painted over so many times. I wanted to select a scheme that appeared to be originally to the space, neither old or new but simply owned the room.

After reviewing the space and listening to my clients disclaimers (the most important and significant part of a consultation) I came back to my office and created a concept to present. I like to propose a conceptual package fro clients because it helps ease them into the MASSIVE change will take place. The conceptual design board does not show the finished product or final FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) selections but gives them a visual of what the space will be an extension of. Once the concept it approved the design board in born. The design board is the opposite of the conceptual design board and 
shows all of the items to be used in the space.

Conceptual Board

Lobby Design Board

Office Design Board

I am sure we've all had a moment when we've thought of something  cool and creative then drew a blank once considering the actual development of that idea. Its a gift to have a creative mind and I love it but to see your vision come to life is the icing on the cake to say the least. The following are fun pictures taken of the space while the photo shoot was taking place. Please stay tuned as the professional pictures are being edited for the website...coming soon!

Ending with a shot from my favorite part of the room. My particular style is very modern eclectic but that should not be seen in every project that I complete. I say this all the time but its one thing to design based on the magazines and trends but its another to listen to your client and deliver not based on anything else but what reflects their desires, needs, and personality.

When I first met my client her and her husband they talked about how they both wanted her upbringing to be reflected in the space. My client is a Delta and grew up in Brooklyn, NY. Their ideas were modern interpretations of a graffiti wall and suggested images of the Brooklyn train... Well after a few of my exercises, really sitting down with my client and picking her brain we ended up with a very traditional rustic chic office. Go figure ;-)

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Lawrenceville Starter Home: Before and After pictures...


Proposed Design...


To view more pictures click on this link:

Photography: Ty Lewis

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Hanging Art: Grandinroad ceramic birds!

Wile working on an install I thought I would share with the blog world how I hung these delicate ceramic birds that I purchased from ( Set of Five Birds of Flight Wall Art )  
Here are quick step by step images and instructions on how I tackled this mini hanging session.

To hang the birds, I took some paper and made two different sizes that were equivalent to the size of the ceramic birds and a hammer & nails. You want to make sure the nail head is big in 
diameter to hold on to the birds. 

I then took the paper and began to place the them on the way in the way I would want the birds to be hung. The birds are flying in different directions so you have to take that into consideration 
as well when you are hanging. As I placed the paper on the walls I also positioned the birds on the floor as a reference to visually see how the space planning was shaping up.

The finished product turned out great. I think the ceramic birds really stand out in a soft and subtle way and serve as a art sculpture above the sofa. 

More pictures from this project will be uploaded soon.

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