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Monet Masters is an interior designer based in Atlanta, Georgia. A graduate of SCAD-Atlanta, Monet is experienced in both commercial, residential, and furniture design. While she describes her design aesthetic as “Modern Electric Chic” with an emphasis on organic lines and natural elements, she enjoys helping clients define their own personal style, so it’s well reflected throughout their home or business. Monet is especially adept at employing creative and unique solutions for design problems that inevitably arise on projects, while maintaining her passionate drive and enthusiasm throughout the design process, Inspired by the fluidity of nature and the sleekness of modernity, she believes in creating spaces that harness positive energy for her clients, to help them live a balanced, relaxed life. This blog in intended to show the design process of projects of all different sorts, and how her love for fashion and nature inspires her design choices. Enjoy!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Time for some fashion!...and some Design

While in Houston over the holidays I visited a long time friend that I use to do fashion consulting with. She has has now also moved on to bigger and better things in life and opened up her first store by the name of "Preme Butik". This is a picture of her in her store at its beginning stages:

Michelle Okosun is soon to be one of the most historic lady fashion designers, her style is a mixture of everything which makes her clientele broad with being able to cater to everyone. As of now this boutiques wardrobe is coming from Italy, France, and more making its items extremely exclusive... unless your also a traveler. Her line will show up in the store later this year. Within the first couple of months fashion editors are already written one page spreads on this boutique and regardless of the economy people are finding it hard to stay away from this store.

Preme Butik is the next hottest clothing store...

Items you can find at Preme Butik...


Nowww I'm not just blogging about the store and the fabulous exclusive cloths but also the Interior. I had the opportunity to do some Decor for the store on my visit, and pick up
some fabulous jewelry while I was there :-)

The following pictures is the result of the now open store:


I Love you buddy and im so very proud of you, favoritism is awesome (insider) LOL

Preme Butik
1635 Eldridge Parkway Ste 250
Houston, TX 77077
Phone:  281.497.2555

Until next time...

Decorating: My very first freelance job

As I stated in a previous post, I am a designer currently completely my last year at SCAD- Savannah College of Art and Design. I moved to Atlanta from Houston about a little over a year ago. While in Houston I tried exploring interior design, I put a craigslist add up for decorating services, and excepted my first decorating gig about two weeks later. The following picture is of the house that I was commissioned to do:

When I first arrived I thought that I was at the wrong house, I could not believe that my first “job” was for a client with a house that had more than 6000sf of space. It was pretty exciting! The following pictures are of the rooms before I began my process.

NOTE: Some things were left in the room due to budget restrictions

Living Room: Before

Dinning Room: Before

.....interesting right? Well I was only given a budget of about $500 to spend, and take in mind that this was my first project, other than doing things around my moms house.

Living room: After

Dinning Room: After

In both rooms there were two windows with a wall dividing them, one thing I really liked was carrying the drapes completely across the whole wall to trick the eye into thinking that the window expanded across the wall instead of it being divided.

I also accessorized the Foyer...

Looking back on the pictures I am impressed with some things that I chose to implement anddddd then there is other things that just makes me laugh...

Until next time...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Make your own wall art!

This is a picture of the painting that inspired me... What caught my attention about it was the fact that the painting consisted of a series of trees turned sideways, as simple as that. This along with the black and white paint is making the painting abstract. The way that they accessorized the picture also drew me in.

I made my own canvases simply because it was much cheaper (FYI) The price of one of these size canvases is about $30, where as I made all four panels for about the same price. I wouldn’t advise anyone making their own canvas unless they have help with the building of the frame and pulling the canvas for a secure fix.

I started by drawing lightly with a pencil the design that I wanted to paint, in my case the trees. After that your just coloring in the lines like a coloring book J

I went with only four panels instead of five. I also did not do as much branches as the original picture simply because I thought with my shorter size canvases it would begin to be too much.

I like it...I'm sure, knowing me that some more will be added to this is the near future
 until I LOVE it :-)

Until next time

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lets make some art, Monet style!

As usual :-) I randomly came across some material, This time it was some long pieces of molding, you know the kind you can get from the Home Depot for like $5 every 5ft.
depending on the level of detailing of course.

In this case the molding that I found was already painted white and had a basic
detail. I decided that I wanted to create a series of picture frames, all at which with
different dimensions. After doing that I placed them on top of one another
creating a design. I used a heavy duty staple gun in order to combined them together.

My apologies for not having process pictures but this project literally takes all of
15 minutes...that is if your handy with the power tools ;-)
 Because I have the option of hanging the piece from either one of the frames I had to hang the piece from a frame at the top and one at closer to the bottom to get the piece leveled.

I thought about painting this piece a bright shinny red, but I like the small contrast against the light beige wall, It allows for my 32" to
What can I say, I'm pretty much pleased :-)

Until next time...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Wood Flooring OR Headboard?......Headboard!

I am currently completing my last year at SCAD- Savannah College of Art and Design. Last summer the school decided that it was time to redo the wood flooring in our HUB (the place where we eat). The flooring that they were laying down was a Brazilian Cherry Wood all the way from North America, nice right.

Sooooo :-) I managed to get some left over wood and begin to ponder on what I was going to use it for. When I am trying to be productive and beneficial with my time I like to go to ikea and get ideas and sometimes eat their meat ballsJ. The picture below is a picture of an Ikea bed that inspired me to build my headboard.

To start out I first immediately made a frame and began to lay the wood out into different layouts that I felt would be easily constructed. Being that some of the pieces were longer than some I had to be wise about the arrangement

This is a picture of the finished design that I decided to go with, with no stain on it as yet...

After getting it into my room and putting a medium stain on it..
 I was pretty much pleased.

And here she is dressed up :-)

Until next time...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Something Old for Something New...

I was given this dining room set from a friend, and I thought that the chairs needed a little TLC. The following picture is an example of what the chair looked like in the beginning of the process.

The tools that I used included a saw and a heavy duty staple gun.

The first thing that I tackled was taking off the seat's and because I wanted the chairs to have more of a "up to date" look I cut down the chair to just focus on the rounded ribs supporting the back of the chair.
This small change immediately took a couple of years off.

SIDE NOTE* when working on any kind of projects at home, it is important that
you always, and I mean ALWAYS...wear work out cloths.
It just feels better ;-)

I took the fabric of my choice
 ( the fabric is from a company by the name of "echo Deign"
and cut out a big enough piece to cover the seat and stretch it around
in order to be securely stapled.

There was a specific part of the pattern that I wanted to focus in on within the print.

What can I say, I am pretty pleased with end results. Although this chair is
apart of a set of four, it can simply be worked into any space as an
accent chair or maybe even work as a piece of art?...

SIDE NOTE* that white cube side table was another project of mine, I saw one similar at for about $80, I decided I would make one instead for less than $10. Gotta love it!

Until next time...