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Monet Masters is an interior designer based in Atlanta, Georgia. A graduate of SCAD-Atlanta, Monet is experienced in both commercial, residential, and furniture design. While she describes her design aesthetic as “Modern Electric Chic” with an emphasis on organic lines and natural elements, she enjoys helping clients define their own personal style, so it’s well reflected throughout their home or business. Monet is especially adept at employing creative and unique solutions for design problems that inevitably arise on projects, while maintaining her passionate drive and enthusiasm throughout the design process, Inspired by the fluidity of nature and the sleekness of modernity, she believes in creating spaces that harness positive energy for her clients, to help them live a balanced, relaxed life. This blog in intended to show the design process of projects of all different sorts, and how her love for fashion and nature inspires her design choices. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gateway: a cigar lounge

This Gateway location provides its clients with opportunities to expand in their business as well as create an atmosphere that is informative and one that guides its customers to engage without effort…

From the time that the clients are entering the space and being greeted till the time that they are leaving and all attention re on them. The feeling throughout the experience is one that leaves them feeling that they are the only one that is being catered to. From entering the store clients are guided through the space with the design elements making it easy to maneuver and find their way if they are new to the space. To the immediate right clients have the option to sitting down while with their favorite cigar and chat with other business men. Or they have the option to go to the immediate left and pick up their favorite cigar and check out. Either way the experience in the store, wither its 10 minutes or an hour is one that is exclusive and personal.

Until next time...

Until next time...

What do you see?

I love looking at art and in the beginning it looks abstract but when I look harder or when I am given clues as to what it really is; a whole new image comes about because I have been given a new perspective. The following picture is of an art project that I recently had, before telling you what the picture is of try and guess. My example is not that difficult but I will include other art works that have the same idea of an abstract looking design that turns into something.

Ok give up? First off the picture is turned sideways but it is actually three eggs laying on a yellow piece of paper. I specifically wanted to use yellow, white, red, and blue. Although there isn’t much blue in this piece because of the other colors that are being used, the blue that is evident pops out from the rest.

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True Beauty!

There are many different ways one could look at this portrait as a piece of art. Some people may say well it’s a portrait and that makes it a piece of, others may look at the colors within the portrait and investigate how they correlate; and me, well I just think that she’s just plain beautiful. I call her Mother Teresa. I feel like this is what the real mother Teresa would look like showing what all she had been through, this would be the real image of her. Not the wrinkle free face that we see all the time but a face full of wrinkles, one for every story with multiple chapters in it.

I had a project for a drawing class that I very well enjoyed doing; the materials consisted of a scratch board and a calligraphy pin that we would use to scratch the board. The process works opposite of a black ink pin and white paper. Instead of making a dark or shades to show shadows with the scratch board you are making white marks showing where the high lights in the portrait. A lot of people choice celebrities, and their favorite athletes but when I came across mother Theresa I couldn’t resist.

I love that you aren’t able to see her eyes or her teeth but you know that she’s smiling on the inside.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cost effective Invitations!

So first things first is to gather up all of the materials that you will be using on this experiment. This includes your invitation card, a ribbon of your choice, and an envelope considering that your ribbon has already been cut into the sizes that you desire.

Next thing that you want to do is take your ribbon, swist it in a way to where it has a point (you want to do this because in the process of trying to get the ribbon in the whole, you don’t want to make the mistake of expanding the whole that was puhched into the card) when you do this pull the ribbon through the whole so that both pieces are now at the back of the card.

Now you can either cross the ribbon and then pull it around to the front of the card or just continue to wrap the ribbon around (either way, its your preference)...

When you get the ribbon around to the front of the card, all the hard work from that point is gone J At this point all that is left to do is to literally tye it two times so that the ribbon is in a  knot.

Because of the ribbon you want to be careful putting the card into the envelope so that you wont split the sides of the envelope.
And there you have it, your exclusive invitations

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My Brain Storming (For the exhibit design project)


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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Concept Video (For the Exhibit Design project)

I was given a space in which I had to create an exhibit within it. Each person in the class was given a word to focus on, mine was Media. The choice was left up to us when it came to the direction that we took to focus on. In today’s world everything is all about what you’re wearing, what you’re driving, who you know, and how much money you have access to; therefore i specifically wanted to focus on how much power we give the media over our lives. At one point in time we were once creative and confident in our creativity and now we are only confident and satisfied in having the things that the media say we should have, and once we don’t fit that image...well there are many effects to that, this video is only one. ENJOY!


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