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Welcome to my blog! This blog is intended for you to see all of the "Outtakes" that occur during the duration of a project, the awesome DIY items that I enjoy creating, and more! Typically you see the ending results of the beautiful rooms that we Interior Designers create but this blog will not only show you the completed room but also the process. Enjoy, Learn, and be Inspired!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Make a Table under $20, Monet Style

I am currently in a furniture design class exploring my passion for building. One of the first assignments was to built a piece of furniture, of course i choose to built something that was desperately needed in my apartment; a coffee table.

The major materials used are as follow: Plywood, and Metal rodes
Below are visuals of the process over a week.

Metal rodes originally had different finishes on them and all at different lenghts, they were intended to hide the electrical wiring on sconces at the Currey & Company showroom.

Two holes had to be drilled into the metal rodes that were going to be used at legs
(only four were serving at legs)

The rest of the metal rodes had to be cut down at a 20 degree angle

The Plywood had to be treated for the gaps and holes that came with. I did this by filling them in.

After the holes and gaps were treated, they then had to be sanded down.

Holes had to be drilled in for metal rod placement, the holes were also drilled at a 20 degree angle and then sanded for smooth staining.

Finished rods before painted silver.

Pins that would be placed threw drilled holes in order t support the wood table tops

Test fit

Stain Test: Considering feedback from a peer of mine, I decided to use a black stain that would then mimic appearance of Zebra Wood.

First coat of black stain
Drum's Please...

Until next time...

Mimicking Spray paint with color pencil

In this Project I took a piece of canvas and spray painted it with different colors. The challenge was to recreate the image of the spray paint on the cloth, but using color pencil on water color paper. 

The Verdict is in People...

This image is the spray paint on the Cloth

This is my attemp to make a replica using color pencil

I Thought that it was viewed best from this position.

Until next time...