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Welcome to my blog! This blog is intended for you to see all of the "Outtakes" that occur during the duration of a project, the awesome DIY items that I enjoy creating, and more! Typically you see the ending results of the beautiful rooms that we Interior Designers create but this blog will not only show you the completed room but also the process. Enjoy, Learn, and be Inspired!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wood Pallets = Ottomans...

The following project is one that I completed the summer of 2011. This project required the use of any found material. I love to see people create amazing products out of once used products so this project was perfect for me. The material that I decided to use were wood pallets. Lucky for me the pallets that I stumbled upon were as good as new but I still had to break the pieces apart...

After breaking apart the pallet I then had to measure out the pieces needed to form the legs of the ottoman/side table. Two pieces would be combined to form one leg, this would accommodate the 20 degree angle that I designed for the legs to have.

This is the shape of the legs after combining the two pieces. For this connection I used wood glue, a wooden dowel, and a nail gun.

A shelf would not only serve as storage but is used to connect the legs and support the structure. I simply cut down two planks and sanded them so that they would be uniformed. After I position them side by side so that they connect and then reinforce the shape with a border around the perimeters of the rectangle shape.
All pieces are then connected to form the bottom half of the ottoman. This is what will support the tray/cushion.

To create the tray/cushion I first start out by cutting the top piece that will be upholstered on one side and stay flat on the other. I then cut pieces to be attached around the tray to form a border. This piece is important because it is what allows for the tray to be flipped from one side to the other.
Time for staining...You want to allow a day for the stain to dry on the wood. For quick drying, wipe off immediately after applying the stain.

To create cushions for the opposite side of the trays, I found some old fabric that I had been having then purchased a cheap pillow.

The pillow had to much stuffing therefore I cut the pillow open and began to remove material until the thickness was what I desired for it to be.

After removing stuffing from the pillow I simply stapled the pillow  down to the wood, leaving a border for the trim to be attached without any lifting.

Following the attachment of the pillow, I then do the same for the fabric of my choice.
After the pillow and fabric is attached, then I install the trim for a clean finish.

This is truly why I am a designer, to be able to take wood pallets and transform them into ottomans is simply "Divine" as Candace Olsen would say.

Until next time...