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Welcome to my blog! This blog is intended for you to see all of the "Outtakes" that occur during the duration of a project, the awesome DIY items that I enjoy creating, and more! Typically you see the ending results of the beautiful rooms that we Interior Designers create but this blog will not only show you the completed room but also the process. Enjoy, Learn, and be Inspired!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rug Design Competition

 The competition was created to show student designers how combining modern designs with traditional hand knotting techniques can increase awareness and respect for the legacy of textile and carpet weaving. The image below was my inspiration.

The following is my black and white submittion, explaining how color will be distributed.

This image is the final submittion for the compitition. Over 20 students submitted and the winning students were awarded a 2x2 sample of their ruge made.

Verde Home ( located @ 1000 Marietta Street Northwest Atlanta, GA 30318) awarded SCAD students in there annual Rug Design Competition. They acknowledge outstanding achievement in the field of original student rug design.


My rug design was inspired by nature. I used a wool and silk mix for a expensive look but low price.

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