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Friday, May 11, 2012

PUMA: Shoe Boutique

This project features a custom interior space for a Puma shoe boutique. For inspiration I began to look at Puma products. The shoe featured below is call the "Siluro". It is a very exclusive and expensive shoe that has just hit the stores. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to utilize the shoe as a concept, but without being so literal. The other pictures are some examples of what I see when breaking the shoe down into separate elements.

This is a design analysis and an example of how I break down my concept to form ideas, forms, and elements that will then be implemented in the space. Some of the main words that will really influence the space are as follow: Smooth, Bold, Contrast, and Organic. Many other words that I felt spoke for the shoe were words like repetition, texture, and dimension.

Ceiling Design Plan

Furniture Floor Plan

The following are final renderings of the Siluro concept Puma boutique...

I completed this project in a matter of a week.

Until next time...

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