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Welcome to my blog! This blog is intended for you to see all of the "Outtakes" that occur during the duration of a project, the awesome DIY items that I enjoy creating, and more! Typically you see the ending results of the beautiful rooms that we Interior Designers create but this blog will not only show you the completed room but also the process. Enjoy, Learn, and be Inspired!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What would your space say about you?

Your home should reflect who you are. I like to think that every space has a personality. If you were to create a Mood Board of your own space what would you come up with. Would it be bright and colorful? Would it be monochromatic. Would it be full of natural elements? Often times when I go to a potential clients home it is like stepping into a 20 year time capsule of their life cycles instead of into their active and current life style. Typically how I approach a project is by first simply understanding my clients style and then dressing their space. The following are mood boards that I've put together, each room has its own personality. Enjoy! 

Mr. Epitome of Swag

10 Going on 20: 
A room she can grow into

Cabin Feva!

I got the Blue's

It's a Beige world

Mellow Yellow

Mr. Bond

Ms. Eclectic 

Until next time!